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Mold, Dust Mites & Odor in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, WA and Surrounding Areas

Mold, Dust Mites & Odors Eliminated in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, WA and Surrounding Areas

Most people are in the habit or cleaning and maintaining their indoor living spaces, hoping to keep their homes safe and healthy. A home with a lot of humidity is much more suseptable to mold and dust mites within, greatly effecting both your health and your home, especially if you're sensitive to mold.

Negative Effects of Mold, Dust Mites, and Odors

One of the most common problems your basement faces is moisture. Since the basement is located underneath your home, a flood or a burst pipe effects the lowest part of the house, leaving the basement in rough shape. Overtime, these areas become perfect homes for mold and dust mites, and can emit foul smelling odors.

Leaving your basement in such an awful state can affect your rooms above. Mold and dust mites are microscopic in size, and can easily travel through vents and tiny holes. Being exposed to these organisms for some time can encourage allergies (skin and nasal), as well as destroy a home's structures (e.g. walls and ceilings). Odors, on the other hand, make it hard to breathe inside your own home.

Of course, you can avoid these issues by contacting Dry Space Waterproofing.

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